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What's New!

There is a USA container arriving shortly, and in the first week of November, we've got lots of English chocolate bars landing.  Look out for Galaxy, Lion Bars, Walnut Whips, Frys Bars etc.  We'll have them all! 

Ben & Jerry's!
A new variety just out is "Save our Swirled".  It was created to bring attention to global warming but it also tastes great!  It features raspberry icecream, marshmallow and dark & white fudge cones...mmmm.

Also worth a try is the "Core" series ... Karamel Sutra,Hazed & Confused and That's my Jam!

UK Crisps!

We've flying them in again!  They should be here early in November.  Right on the heals of that is a container full of them - just in time for Christmas! Look out for Monster Munch, Walkers, Hula Hoops, Quavers and more.






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